history of the web > 06/02/07

See the history of the web in a short movie from YouTube that delineates the shift towards Web 2.0.

The increasing industrialization of the web is sometimes alarming - what once was fascinating about the web, the way in which form and content interacted, how you actually could write form through html, css and so on - is now separated. It must be the nightmare of the Flash developer come true as data migrates between various interfaces (web pages, rss feeds) and platforms (computers, handhelds, mobiles), thereby unabling control of your material. And true, we have over the last couple of years seen a simplication in web design to the benefit of functionality and standardization.

Yet, there is something fascinating about the ways in which the web breaks down data and how modularity of data enables endless remixing, and maybe we’ll soon be able to design again from these new premises.

Read more about remixability and modularity in an article by Lev Manovich as well:


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