On Social Narcissism

Aphorism #4

I live in language, not in the spectacle.

Aphorism #3

In the absence of the Other, the spectacle.

Aphorism #1

Puritan work ethics is always a denial of the Other.


Harry, an American entrepreneur who had found love in Sweden,

Molly the Wobbler

Molly came wobbling by. She had kind of square-looking legs that


Tilda sweeps by a homeless man in the street. - “No, oh no, I


“Why allow change,” Britta said, and closed her door. And life


K. passes by every day. She has just come back from an

On Monotheism

And so Man made God in his image of the Ideal to justify his

Madness, absolutely

What am I thinking about? The unconscious! Must be madness,

The Pleasure of the

In 1982, Jauss proposed the term geniessen in his Aesthetic


Social and neural nodes evolutionary memes traversed by noise

reshuffling the

Have been playing a bit of Mah Jong today and the program I used

human poverty

Everywhere I look I come across, on the one, social narcissism,

The melodrama of

In Cape Fear, we find “evil” in the character of Robert de

soaps & self-esteem

Read in the paper the other day that women's self-esteem is not