Yvonne Martinsson is a writer / artist and a web developer. Her job experience is versatile and ranges from publishing, research and teaching across museums and the film business to the web. For publications, exhibitions etc, see below.

Yvonne holds a PhD in English literature from Stockholm University and a BA in Modern Languages, also from Stockholm University.


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The vision that guides my work is a vision of a knowledge society based on cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and a novel subjectivity born out of shared knowledge and human interaction.

Language is one repository for our cultural heritage, shared knowledge and human interaction. The web another. They are two different ways of communicating, sharing culture and knowledge as well as fostering human development.

As it is through language and other means of communication that we construct our perception of the world, we build the future now. In my vision, the future is inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Artist’s statement

The text is my territory. Though not only words, letters, syllables written or spoken, but the text in a broad sense: the cultural text that constitutes us, and thus the myths we live; the text of our circular memory, the infinite intertext of our being in the world; the text of the universe, the always already, the text(ure) of being, the rhythm that is intrinsic to a text’s composition; and in a digital world everything is literally text. Consequently, the web comes natural as the medium for writing creating composing.

There is a logic here but a logic without logical connectives whose complexity goes beyond my control. There is more. Image music text technology. Which is why I write create compose for the web.