Snapshots of the Spectacle


Harry, an American entrepreneur who had found love in Sweden, feels a bit lost in this part of Stockholm where workers, environmentalists, intellectuals, artists, and the addicts and homeless intersect. He, on the other, likes to watch old speeches by Ronald Reagan on YouTube and to get his news from Glenn Beck on Fox News. He does not like people who use their minds. No, he does not like people who use their minds as that exposes him as the windbag he is. Some would even say he is a pompous ass but that is in my view to take it too far. He is more like a windbag. If you pricked him with a needle, he would most certainly vanish into thin air. He has for long lived in a world of good ol’ ideology that has become his reality and these days he oozes raw, brutish capitalism. A bit ego-centric you might say, but he believed it was the birthright of every Christian (yes, he had had a good Christian upbringing) to rejoice in the bounty created by his fellow beings. “It is all there, up for grabs, so grab it,” he says, while vaguely remembering an essay he read in his youth about cups and saucers that were evidence of God’s benevolence. And that thought annoyed him as his cupboards were short of cups and saucers. So, he fired away. Aimlessly.