Snapshots of the Spectacle


The jailee & the jailor

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The jailee were many but held their definition by the jailor in common. This the jailor knew. And being an excellent strategist from childhood training, she made clever use of it. ”OK,” she would say to the jailee in need of advice, ”now I’ve not only listened to your marital problems but I have also told you what to do about it. I have given you half an hour of my time. Now I will have to work overtime tonight.” It always worked. The jailee returned to their cell, guilt-ridden for having caused such an overload on the jailor’s time, and slightly ashamed as the jailor firmed up her apron strings.

The jailor though realized that she could not push things too far. Occasionally, she would give some leeway and allow for the jailee’s own eccentricities. As when the jailee wanted to throw a party in one of the hot spots of the town. It went against the jailor’ sense of direction but “what harm will it to do me,”; she thought, “if the jailee throws a party that nobody wants. I'll allow him his pleasure and he will think that he acts on his own.” The jailee felt seen and appreciated, and the apron strings tightened. The jailor smiled smugly as the jailee now would follow her lead with glee and affection, at least for the time being.