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Today I have created an account at YouTube. After the usual hassle of creating an account, e-mail confirmations back and forth, logging in, finding one's way around in a cluttery interface that is a REAL TURNOFF and then being sidetracked by a few Google ads [FYI: http://www.mingler.se/ and http://se.funmobile.com/registration!input.do, just gave it a glance since there were - again - log-ins and account creating, and I had to get on with my movie upload]. Eventually, I got around to uploading a movie. Twice! And I got the embed code. 

When checking the entry, it turns out that I have an old version of the Flash Player, so over to http://www.adobe.com, to the download page, selecting the right option depending on my OS, downloading and installing (it didn't need any configuring). It went easy enough and now it's viewable! that is, on my computer. But nothing is real unless it be part of tagged experience. Thus, after adding what I thought were appropriate tags I ended up with a cluster of related videos that turned out to be mainly car and bike videos assigned to the player's menu! Who knows, it might change. Nevertheless, I've entered the semiotic chain and sign system of tagged experience and social exchange. Wow!

At the risk of forgetting my social networking manners, I decided to upload the movie as it should be viewed right here on my own blog as well. It is, I know, a breach of networked experience and I who haven't even got tags installed... Anyway, it's downloadable. Just discovered that there are different ways of sharing. And, yes, I use the very same video in the submenu, unlooped, but, my dear reader, that is only for your convenience, I'm not into aggro marketing. Fortunately I had the latest version of QuickTime installed, but you might have to pop over to [url=http://www.apple.com]http://www.apple.com[/url], find the download page, select the right option depending on your OS, download and install. You might even have to restart your computer and configure the software. If that is the case, see you when you come back!

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