weblog > 10/07/07

Being of a philantropic mind today, I've created a PayPal donate account, added my credit card number, generated the html code for the button to your left, logged in to my CMS and pasted the code into my template. Added a few words as well. Donations are anonymous, no networking is required, nor is shopping wished for. Donations take place outside the market.

weblog > 09/07/07

The social web is, it is said, a way for women to network and earn money. While searching the web for women money blogging I came across a newly held conference on the subject at [url=http://www.hum.dmu.ac.uk/blogs/nlabwomen/]http://www.hum.dmu.ac.uk/blogs/nlabwomen/[/url] and the [url=http://empowerwomennow.com/news-women-entrepreneurs/index.php/monetization-defined-how-to-make-money-with-your-blog-right-now/]http://empowerwomennow.com/news-women-entrepreneurs/index.php/monetization-defined-how-to-make-money-with-your-blog-right-now/[/url] as well. Thus better get down to business, I was thinking, and stooped to the business of money-making (and what the heck, even makers of documentaries have to network and pay dental bills)! After carefully thinking through my financial strategy, I signed up for Google AdSense, created my account, submitted my bank account number, chose my template and design for Google ads, received the code, logged in to my CMS and pasted it into my html templates. And below it is!

weblog > 03/07/07

If a [we]blog is a log of internet activites a blog is a documentation of internet activities and must in fact be considered a documentary of internet activities. So, here I am making my first documentary on tagged experience and the social web of 2007.