weblog > 30/07/07

So I finally made it to http://www.facebook.com. It took a while to log in. Had to wait for at least an hour to get the confirmation e-mail, but then I found a few friends as I inadvertently clicked a link that sent requests to people in my Gmail inbox, or so I think. Don’t really know where it came from as I had not requested a check between my address book and facebook membersI At times, social software is kind of totalizing suffocating in a big brother way. Eye see you. Stresses me out. Where is that breathing space of web 1.0?

But we’ll see if I’ll have time to follow it up and to do some real-time networking as it has recently been brought to my attention that this page occasionally crashes. I need to do some debugging. Seems to me though that it’s the rather heavy pageload that might cause the page to crash. Too much social and commercial software pulled in that makes the page crumble maybe?

weblog > 24/07/07

Another mishap occured today. I got a blank page when loading the blog in my browser. After some problem solving, I found that the newsfeed I added the other day caused the error. I replaced the newsfeed with some old Web 1.0 static links. Ironic, isn’t it? The newsfeed being a Web 2.0 feature.

weblog > 10/07/07

Being of a philantropic mind today, I’ve created a PayPal donate account, added my credit card number, generated the html code for the button to your left, logged in to my CMS and pasted the code into my template. Added a few words as well. Donations are anonymous, no networking is required, nor is shopping wished for. Donations take place outside the market.