weblog > 14/07/07

Considering the unreliability of the timestamp discussed elsewhere which could make you question the truthfulness of my documentation of the social web I've made a map at Google Earth for you. Geomapping cannot be wrong and I have pinned down my whereabouts in the real world. In reality. So now, you can rest assured that everything your hear comes straight from the horse's mouth! But first, you have to go to [url=http://earth.google.com/]http://earth.google.com/[/url] and download Google Earth. It is quite a heavy download and might take some time. After you have installed it on your hard drive, download the file Here_I_live.kmz.zip (Windows users right click the file), click the downloaded file and Google Earth will take you to where I live, work and breathe. Of course, if you already have Google Earth installed, just download the file.