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The video I uploaded at Youtube yesterday should loop endlessly, but it doesn't. Individual traits probably don't work in the context of tagged related entries experience. Or, in the Flash interface. At the risk of forgetting my social manners, I decided to upload the movie as it should be viewed right here on my own blog. It is, I know, a breach of networked experience and I who haven't even got tags installed... Anyway, it's downloadable. Just discovered that there are different ways of sharing. And, yes, I use the very same video in the submenu, unlooped, but, my dear reader, that is only for your convenience, I'm not into aggro marketing. Fortunately I had the latest version of QuickTime installed, but you might have to pop over to [url=http://www.apple.com]http://www.apple.com[/url], find the download page, select the right option depending on your OS, download and install. You might even have to restart your computer and configure the software. If that is the case, see you when you come back!

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