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My purpose and intenton of this blog is to document my social and networked experience. A blog is an early version of social software, from the beginning a [we]blog of our internet activites, a way of sharing our experience and the sites we come across. Today evolving... and so do the social spaces.

Linking was the main purpose of blogging, "I link therefore I am," was an early internet mantra. Today we would probably say, "I tag therefore I am," as a great deal of our social software has become tagged experience. But, I don't have tags installed here in my [we]blog (I could, but it would cost me a few bucks, or could you help me out here?). Instead, I'll have to do with categories. I don't know if that counts as tagged experience, the drawback being that there are no tag clouds to display... Does the absence of a tag cloud diminish the socially networked experience? Yeah, a question that needs pondering, maybe we'll see an academic paper in the not too distant future unless there already exists one on this very difficult topic.

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