weblog > 28/06/07

Have spent a day or two on setting up an RSS feed. works really fine! Except for enclosures which means that I cannot podcast, so for the time being you will have to do without podcasts.

Contacted my support forum, which is really great, and I was told that it's not a software thing but a server thing. So I contacted my web hosting service, no need for you to know which, who told me that since they are running php in safe_mode enclosures don't work. There is a workaround, something do to with cURL, but while I figure out how that works or change servers, you, as I said above, will have to do without podcasts.

Sorry, but your commentaries cannot be displayed at the moment. I'm working on it and your comments are stored in the database. So, please don't hesitate to comment, it will be displayed once I've figured the problem out.

I'm asking for your e-mail address, but I won't pass it on to a third party aggro marketeer, nor will your address be displayed on this site

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