• Silverfallen (the Silver falls) > 23/07/16

    Silverfallen (the Silver falls)

    ​Silverfallen is a beautiful spot at the plateau mountain Billingen not far from my hometown in the west of Sweden.

  • Lush woods > 22/07/16

    Lush woods

    ​Lush woods of long lost fairy tales.

  • 3-year old chilli plant bearing fruit > 19/06/16

    3-year old chilli plant bearing fruit

    ​I have managed to make this chilli plant survive for 3 years and, today, it’s full of fruits. Very proud!

  • Skeppsholmen, Stockholm > 19/02/16

    Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

    View over Strandvägen and Djurgården from the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.