One-dimensionality > 25/06/20

Identity politics is perhaps the only way to run a society or a business in order to work for equality, but it has really very little to do with what it means to be human (for me). Back in the 70s and the 80s identity politics was radical as it challenged liberal humanism. Today it has become mainstream.

Identity politics become questionable when it is used to paradoxically rule people by acknowleding diversity while moulding them into the shape society wants them. This is, of course, what advertising does and thus the corporate interests financing the adverts are leading the way here, producing a demand for products, likes or even a lifestyle that further their financial interests.

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Madness, absolutely madness > 20/10/09

What am I thinking about? The unconscious! Must be madness, absolutely madness. There’s no room for the unconscious in our digital, networked culture. It’s been replaced by the Anti-Oedipe of Guattari/Deleuze, rhizomes, communication theory, cognition, CBT, nano technology, biology, medicine, quick fixes, instant gratification, anything that can be seen and comprehended – immediately. No in-sight, only sight.

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