Digital Monet > 22/08/23

Digital Monet

From the digital and immersive Monet exhibition at Artipelag, Stockholm.

Visited the immersive and digital exhibition of Monet’s work at Artipelag. I think he would have loved it as boundaries are dissolved but most visitors took the position of the beholder. So did I at first, until I realised that I had to walk around in the huge room. That’s when the exhibition turned into an immersive and embodied experience.

Summertime > 10/06/22


Summer. Northern summer. The most sensual of times.

Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) > 26/09/20

Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery)

And so I left a few lightyears behind knowing that The Woodland Cemetery had added a shade to the palimpsest of my being (in the world).

Beautiful walk to and at the Woodland Cemetery, a World Heritage site since 1994. It’s huge. And serene. Five chapels with different architecture, loads of pines and grave stones in between. Everything has been thought through, every corner, from the chapels to the landscape. Architect: Gunnar Asplund.

Strange clouds > 18/08/20

Strange clouds

Strange clouds indeed. Is this the result of clean skies in these corona times?