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So I finally made it to http://www.facebook.com. It took a while to log in. Had to wait for at least an hour to get the confirmation e-mail, but then I found a few friends as I inadvertently clicked a link that sent requests to people in my Gmail inbox, or so I think. Don't really know where it came from as I had not requested a check between my address book and Facebook members.

At times, social software is kind of totalizing suffocating in a big brother way. Eye see you. Stresses me out. Where is that breathing space of web 1.0? But we'll see if I'll have time to follow it up and to do some real-time networking as it has recently been brought to my attention that this page occasionally crashes. I need to do some debugging. Seems to me though that it's the rather heavy pageload that might cause the page to crash. Too much social and commercial software pulled in that makes the page crumble maybe?

weblog > 30/07/07

Today I have created an account at YouTube. After the usual hassle of creating an account, e-mail confirmations back and forth, logging in, finding one's way around in a cluttery interface that is a REAL TURNOFF and then being sidetracked by a few Google ads [FYI: http://www.mingler.se/ and http://se.funmobile.com/registration!input.do, just gave it a glance since there were - again - log-ins and account creating, and I had to get on with my movie upload]. Eventually, I got around to uploading a movie. Twice! And I got the embed code. 

When checking the entry, it turns out that I have an old version of the Flash Player, so over to http://www.adobe.com, to the download page, selecting the right option depending on my OS, downloading and installing (it didn't need any configuring). It went easy enough and now it's viewable! that is, on my computer. But nothing is real unless it be part of tagged experience. Thus, after adding what I thought were appropriate tags I ended up with a cluster of related videos that turned out to be mainly car and bike videos assigned to the player's menu! Who knows, it might change. Nevertheless, I've entered the semiotic chain and sign system of tagged experience and social exchange. Wow!

At the risk of forgetting my social networking manners, I decided to upload the movie as it should be viewed right here on my own blog as well. It is, I know, a breach of networked experience and I who haven't even got tags installed... Anyway, it's downloadable. Just discovered that there are different ways of sharing. And, yes, I use the very same video in the submenu, unlooped, but, my dear reader, that is only for your convenience, I'm not into aggro marketing. Fortunately I had the latest version of QuickTime installed, but you might have to pop over to [url=http://www.apple.com]http://www.apple.com[/url], find the download page, select the right option depending on your OS, download and install. You might even have to restart your computer and configure the software. If that is the case, see you when you come back!

weblog > 24/07/07

Flickr freaks me out. After all the trouble I went through creating an account as described in my post from July 12, I installed the Flickr-tools plug-in from http://www.solspace.com/software. One of its parameters is the Flickr group id. I thought I had to create a group of my own. And so I did. Completely unnecessary. Should delete it, I'll try to remember that or just let it disappear into the wastebucket of senselessness. Tried instead to find the group id of an existant group, just any, to test things out. 

Found the group id in the Tell-a-friend form. Pasted it into my code - and it didn't work! There probably isn't anything wrong with the plug-in but rather a conflict between the plug-in and the safe_mode in which my server runs. There seems to be no end to the hassles one runs into. Discovered at long last that you can make Flickr badges of photos with just the ordinary 'generate code and paste it' into your html template. Navigated the erratic interface to find photos for a badge of public photos tagged Web 2.0 - haven't got a digital camera of my own not even a mobile with a digital camera and hence I have no photos, being a maker of a documentary like this one does not add to my cashflow, quite on the contrary - . 

Suddenly the sun shone on me - or so I thought. I generated the code for the badge and pasted it into my html template. But the Flickr show/hide javascript didn't work. Removed the relevant code. By then every tiny bit of annoyance was about to blow out of proportion. I made another badge tagged 'stressed'.