Literature died on October 26, 1986 > 05/10/10

The other night I woke up from sleep thinking “I took a class in creative writing and since then I haven’t written a thing.” Not entirely true but whatever writing there has been since then it has been marginal. The class took the passion out of writing and I come from the bottom.

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Archival art > 14/09/09

Contemporary art [noun]. Screenshots, photos, written and video documentation [of art, happening someplace missed]. Sometimes referred to as archival art or the remains of art.

The Pleasure of the Social Web > 25/07/09

In 1982, Jauss proposed the term geniessen in his Aesthetic Experience and Literary Hermeneutics to identify aesthetic pleasure. It was a reaction against Adorno’s “aesthetics of negativity,” which he rejected as “aesthetic purism,” as well as against the Barthesian pleasures of the text which, in Jauss’ words, is the “French counterpart to Adorno’s aesthetics in certain aspects” (29).

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Facebook log > 11/02/09

Status update: Yvonne is rememomering the present

Post link: Gaston Bachelard & The Psychoanalysis of Fire

iLike: Le clan Mongol - Yvonne says: “Seems to have been lost in the process of digitization…”

Status update: Yvonne rememories not speaking in the third person.

Post link: Strangers to ourselves (Julia Kristeva)

Post link: Kvinnoföraktande självhat (Contempt of women and self-hatred) (Ebba Witt-Brattström)