defenders of ‘culture’ > 06/11/03

Defenders of [bourgeois] culture always step to the fore when the backbone of its culture is shaken by novelty, difference, other modes of discourse. ––––– I remember a satirical drawing of three professors of high learning boiling feminism, deconstruction and cultural studies in a witches’ kettle –––––

––––– I also remember a professor and feminist, descendant from a professor of high learning, ascertain that people from the working class are not fit for academic writing –––––  ‘My memory was triggered by a talk with XinU - [stat.Var] - the other day. S/he is taking an undergraduate course at uni and the first clashes are rearing their ugly heads. XinU said s/he had always thought s/he lived in a country of social democracy - the labour party had been ruling the country for some 40-50 years or more - but at uni s/he has come across another world, a foreign world, the world of the upper middle classes, the bourgeoisie of which s/he has had no previous knowledge. And s/he doesn’t understand their language. Nor their codes of behaviour. S/he’s thinking of dropping out. 

S/he has got the statistics against hir. There’s a large drop-out of students of working class origins. Many never get a degree. On a postgraduate level only 4% of the students have a background in the working class, and of those 4%, how many do actually receive their doctoral degree? - not to mention the percentage that pursue an academic career after their graduation, which must be infinitesmal.

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