Madness, absolutely madness > 20/10/09

What am I thinking about? The unconscious! Must be madness, absolutely madness. There’s no room for the unconscious in our digital, networked culture. It’s been replaced by the Anti-Oedipe of Guattari/Deleuze, rhizomes, communication theory, cognition, CBT, nano technology, biology, medicine, quick fixes, instant gratification, anything that can be seen and comprehended – immediately. No in-sight, only sight.

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Patriarchal reductionism > 11/02/09

Social and neural nodes
evolutionary memes

traversed by noise
humdrum of internet
media technologies
neighbours chatting across the fence
workplace platitudes
rip-offs and the scientific thruth of the day
in an unordered list mashed up in art

hyperrealities & social narcissism & CBT