politics & afspaltung > 08/09/03

According to the unemployment agency artists can only be listed as artists if they’ve got a diploma from the Royal College of the Arts or something equivalent OR if they’ve made money on their art. Art is once again defined in terms of a commodity sanctioned by institutions. Culture becomes a commodity sanctioned by academia and those in charge of the money and this, we know, is the bourgeois way of doing art.

Net art on the other is often unsanctioned and associated to hacktivism, subcultures. Makes me remember Foucault and his readings of the Afspaltung of criminals, homosexuals and madmen that society has subjected to being deviant in modern times (in the west). And considering that I live in the country where Foucault was refused to present his doctoral thesis on the grounds of .... it doesn’t come as a surprise - I’m talking about 1949 or something, when Sweden just had been collaborating with the Nazis, when persecutions of the Samis rampaged in a similar way as the Turks persecute the Kurds today, when sterilization was enforced on the mentally retarded -

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